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                        WHAT DOES CHI DO?

‘ Chi’ is Life Force Energy, it is the animating force for all living things.
The power and tremendous versatility and usefulness of ‘Chi’
(sometimes spelled Qi) is so important, that everyone can
benefit from learning about it and learning how to use it.
ORBIE™ is a most effective way of learning about Chi
and how to use Chi.

The official research of the Chinese government
over the past fifty years, has proven that the use
of directed Chi, as performed by trained Chi
practitioners, is effective in healing almost any
condition, acute or chronic. The research also
tells us that Chi has “multiple attributes” and
exhibits innate intelligence and is said to be
the “substance” of the quantum field.

Chi is a foundational force of the natural world and
since nature is an Open System, it is always growing,
expanding and transmuting. Mother Nature is easily able to overcome toxic stressors and negative forces placed in her path. She is not only able to "put up" with the problems she faces, but she is actually equipped to transmute them through natural forces such as Chi. So, it is timely for more and more people, of all cultures, to learn about and work with the powerfully transformative abilities of concentrated, positive Chi. Which is what ORBIE™ is so effective in providing - concentrated, positive Chi.


The secret the ancient Chi Masters knew - was that even though Chi or Life Force Energy is everywhere and in everything, it had to be cultivated, harvested, activated and concentrated in order to perform its amazing feats of power and healing. Chi was understood and respected as an intelligent , living beingness as well as a powerful force. They did this through many years of disciplined training using hand and body movements and internal mental intention to develop the loving relationship with these vital forces. We honor their dedication and thank them for bringing this understanding to the world.

In our modern times, we certainly need these healing powers, but most of us will not have the time to develop these practices or follow through with them in the traditional ways.

Now we have ORBIE™ who is a living technology that assist us in quickly and effectively developing our skill and relatedness to this living force of Chi. This allows everyone to receive the many healthy benefits of cultivated Chi without having to spend the many years it used to take to become a Chi Master. With ORBIE™ you have fully activated, powerful healing Chi right in your hands, right now, ready to work for you and with you day and night...always!

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