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O.R.B.I.E.™ - the Ener-Chi System is totally unique and in a class by itself, combining ancient wisdom and natural principles - with futuristic, innovative technology and new paradigm science.

One of his best features is that he is interactive and friendly, and meant to be placed on the body and worked with for numerous practical purposes.

O.R.B.I.E.™ literally pulls on the natural, ambient available ‘Chi’ or Life Force Energy, which is all around us ... This is a completly self-powered system which pulls into itself everything in the atmospheric environment (including the bombardment of electromagnetic fields) then "churns it up", "scrubs and cleanses" any and all toxins and pollutions and sends it all back out into the environment, completely transmuted into very activated, much amplified, healthy, positive Chi. Where ever there is a particularly high level of toxicity or overload of electromagnetic fields - the O.R.B.I.E.™ simply becomes more activated - producing more Chi.

It automatically serves as an electromagnetic field protector because it "eats" the toxins and actually uses the electromagnetic waves as "fuel" for the Ener-Chi system to work with. This is why O.R.B.I.E.™ is an extremely effective Environmental Clearing Device as well as a wonderful "Wellness" tool.

Where ever the O.R.B.I.E.™ is placed, it begins to instantly clean up the environment and once the environment is healthy and free flowing - it stays that way - never letting it get blocked or polluted again. As the environment gets healthier and healthier, the area of influence expands.


Every part of the Ener-Chi System has a very specific purpose. The shape, color and materials used in the external design, combine with the intricate inner workings to optimize the production of a powerful, consistent flow of Chi. The specialized energy matrix uses a many textured and layered process.

There are several "bio-generators"™ inside of the teardrop and inside of the base of the Ener-Chi System which are slightly out of phase with each other. These are designed so that they never cancel out or entrain with each other. This produces a quantum increase in the "emitting power" of this device and creates a living dynamic of interaction with each other and the surrounding biosphere.
Within each of these "bio-generators"™ is an individual and unique internal construction - again, slightly out of phase from each other. This creates what is know as a "dynamic dialog"™ among the various bio-generating fields involved.

This particular proprietary dynamic is the reason that NO outside source of power is EVER needed. The O.R.B.I.E.™ Ener-Chi System is totally self powered.


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All photographs of O.R.B.I.E.™
provided by Maureen Labreche
MFA - Montreal, Canada

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