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O.R.B.I.E. The Ener-Chi System™ a powerful alternative healing product, an effective environmental clearing device, and a profoundly positive tool for life transformation and manifestation.

How can O.R.B.I.E. do all of this? ...
Because activated, directed “Chi” (Life Force Energy) does all of these things ... and O.R.B.I.E. The Ener-Chi System is a powerhouse of activated Chi,
right in the palm of your hand.....

“ They explained to me that O.R.B.I.E. magnifies the power to manifest what you want very quickly, and does this in several ways ..... They said it would be like putting booster rockets on my manifestation results ...... now I understand why ...... because this has proven to be true”

Jorj Elprehzleinn
Life Transformation Formula e-book

Welcome to the O.R.B.I.E.™ Experience ...
and feel the difference in your life!
(Optimum, Regenerative, Biofield, Instrument and Ener-Chi System)

Our proprietary dynamic enables O.R.B.I.E. to be completely self-powered.
No electrical source is needed and it never needs recharging.

The official research on cultivated “Chi “ (Life Force Energy) through the Chinese government for the last 50 years and from international Scientists, have proven that “Chi” is amazingly versatile, having unlimited attributes (even exhibiting what would be called innate intelligence). When directed by conscious intent, “Chi” can heal almost all human conditions, physical, emotional, psychological, acute or chronic and can even reverse intense pollution in the environment. The research says that “Chi” must be flowing to be healthy. It is unhealthy if it is blocked or stagnant. Many aspects of modern life deplete or block healthy “Chi”.

The ancient Chi Masters also knew the SECRET ..... that even though “Chi" (Life Force Energy) is everywhere and in everything, it had to be Cultivated, Harvested, Activated, Concentrated and Befriended, in order to perform its amazing feats of power and healing and physical manifestation.

O.R.B.I.E. the Ener-Chi System exquisitely combines the ancient wisdom and natural principles with modern, innovative technology and new paradigm science, bringing you the best of all worlds!


"A Friend For Life!"

The primary capacity of O.R.B.I.E. is its ability to create a continuous flow of positive, healthy Chi, by drawing in, churning and cleaning up, then vigorously cascading out the transmuted Chi back into the environment. It actually becomes more active when higher levels of environmental irritants are present (such as an overload of electromagnetic fields) - using the irritants as fuel for its motion production .... (See How It Works)

This powerful, consistent Chi that emanates from O.R.B.I.E. benefits you in a multitude of ways:

  • Significantly increases energy, stamina and vitality
  • Accelerates natural healing and promotes regeneration
  • Provides soothing pain relief
  • Protects you from electromagnetic fields, pollution and toxins
  • Clears your personal space, home, car, office & surrounding environment
  • Propels success and life goals forward
  • Quickens desired manifestations
  • Amplifies happiness, wellness and positive life changes

The O.R.B.I.E. system has proven to create a profoundly positive, upward spiraling acceleration of peoples’ long term, life changing, "bigger picture" as the extensive Chi flow..... "clears the way".

  • Launch your success
  • Live at a higher level
  • Bring your future forward
  • Emmerse your cells, your body, mind, spirit and entire environment in the... Healing, Energizing, Loving, Intelligent, Transformational and Proven...
O.R.B.I.E.’ s distinctive presentation can be utilized in any setting. The size and weight (slightly over one pound, eight inches high and four inches wide) and no electrical requirements, allow it to be truly portable. An attractive carry bag is included for easy transport, so you can take your healthy environment with you wherever you go.

Take advantage of the many suggestions for personal and professional usages, healing techniques, and tips for receiving the greatest benefits.
(See Usages page)

Your O.R.B.I.E. is available now for only ...
Includes: Carrying Bag & Manual


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