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Welcome! We invite you to make yourself at home here ... enjoy our story and share in the inspiration that reminds us all of the power of authenticity!

The co-creators and inventors of O.R.B.I.E.™ had always known that there was a larger purpose or mission that they were to fulfill and a destiny that was meant to unfold for them.

The creation of O.R.B.I.E.™ was the unfolding of that story.

O.R.B.I.E.™ is the result of an amazing personal journey which synergized and combined all their years of experience, mastery and research in bio-energetics, frequency, Taoist Chi Kung, Homeopathy, radionics, vibrational and energy healing, psychological and spiritual counseling, education and group facilitation, art, design, music, automatic writing and so much more!

This journey not only fulfilled an important personal health and energy need for both of them, but ultimately came forward as an intrical part of their larger picture.

Together they thoroughly researched and personally experimented with and tested over 100 of the most effective technologies and techniques available (modern, ancient and cutting edge) to increase their health, stamina, energy, vitality and creativity. By carefully gleaning from the best, synergizing the most effective modalities and combining it all with their own inspired creativity, O.R.B.I.E.™ was brought into life.

Every aspect, component and material is specifically selected to provide the most beneficial result. This includes the external presentation as well as the intricate inner workings, so that everything works together to provide O.R.B.I.E.™’s exquisite quality and effectiveness.

Although O.R.B.I.E.™ started as a personal creation for the inventors, soon he found his way into the lives of friends and associates. A few were inventors themselves, some were healers and spiritual practitioners. Their feedback was so enthusiastic and clear about the very obvious benefits of O.R.B.I.E.™, that the next step was to make him available to a larger audience. In the autumn of 2002, The Ener-Chi Store was created and O.R.B.I.E.™ was launched.

Originally, certain folks were calling it “The Healing Orb” and the affectionate name of “Orbie” developed. The official name became O.R.B.I.E.™ which now stands for ... Optimum, Regenerative, Bio-field Instrument and Ener-Chi System. Still maintaining that affectionate, intimate quality that people enjoy.

Since then, O.R.B.I.E.™ has found homes all over America , traveled across the oceans and is now in nineteen countries. The “friends of O.R.B.I.E.™” family is growing by leaps and bounds and has primarily happened through enthusiastic word of mouth.

O.R.B.I.E.™ is still lovingly made by hand with personal care in a small family business, in Vermont, USA.

Every O.R.B.I.E.™ is a unique and effective expression of the creative gifts of the original inventors and the committed loving direction and blessings of many spirit beings ... Devas, Angels and Spiritual Masters who were initially invited to participate in this creation and remain onboard to this day.

At the initial dedication ceremony of O.R.B.I.E.™ in the summer of 2002, in a spiritual ritual and blessing, the intention was declared. “That O.R.B.I.E.™ is here to assist humanity and the planet by uplifting consciousness and restoring love in all aspects and dimensions of reality.” O.R.B.I.E.™ is here to assist us all in remembering our essential nature, and does this by removing all barriers to our health, happiness, prosperity and intelligence on all levels.

The response to this dedication has been the “clearing of the way” for O.R.B.I.E.™ to fulfill this commission by having O.R.B.I.E.™ be so wonderfully received by so many people, so quickly.

Now, The Ener-Chi is available as a portal to receive the many new people who are to benefit from having their own O.R.B.I.E.™  In this way, the next steps to fulfilling O.R.B.I.E.™’s mission and destiny shall unfold with his power and love - radiating to all the corners of the heart of humanity and our dear Mother Earth.

Thank- you for sharing your time in visiting the Ener-Chi Store “Home of O.R.B.I.E.™” and may you and O.R.B.I.E.™ create a wonderful home together as well!

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All photographs of O.R.B.I.E.™
provided by Maureen Labreche
MFA - Montreal, Canada
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