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Will ORBIE™ still work if I drop it?

Yes, ORBIE™ will continue to work even if you drop it. However, we suggest that you be careful not to drop it on hard surfaces, because the outer casing will crack. This will make the appearance less attractive and might create sharp edges for future uses.


Is there a particular way to hold ORBIE™ when I hold it against my navel?  Should the point be up or down?

Generally, you will hold the point up, however, certain specific excercises start with it pointing down. Particular hand positions are indicated in the instruction photos for various techniques. As you use your ORBIE™, you will devise which ways are best for you in most instances. There are no "wrong"positions. So you can relax and enjoy the creative discoveries you make.


Do I need to always keep the top and bottom together?

No, you can use them separately because each part is a powerful Chi producing unit. We suggest that you keep them together when not in specific use however, because it keeps the whole unit in good shape (the top doesn't roll and get broken). Also, the two units push off of each other to create a "dynamic dialog"™ between them - creating a powerful Chi production.


Can I take my O.R.B.I.E.™ on the airplane with me as I travel?

We have many folks who have their ORBIEs in their carry on luggage or suitcase as they travel by airplane all over the world regularly. They find that ORBIE is so important in keeping them healthy and balanced while traveling. When asked to describe what it is by airport inspectors or customs officials just tell them that it is a healing or message tool for personal use. No one has ever reported any problem when traveling with ORBIE.


Will ORBIE™ be hurt by heat or cold?  Can I use it outside?  Leave it in the car?

ORBIE™ will not be adversely effected by heat or cold and you can definitely leave it in the car. We suggest you keep it in the carry bag when bringing it in the car or taking it places. You can definitely use ORBIE™ outside. If you plan to keep it out for long periods - through rain or snow, etc. we suggest you put it in a plastic bag to protect the over all finish and appearance for further use. We highly recommend not to immerse ORBIE in water.


Can ORBIE be used with a pacemaker? or other medical devices or medications?

Yes, ORBIE™ is completely safe. ORBIE™ complements all other situations - because it simply emits a continuous stream of healthy, healing energy.


Does the Base emit Chi too?

Yes, the base is just as active as the top hand module. Remember to use it! Also remember to use the pull out coils, too! Under your feet, hold them in your hands, put them under food or water, etc.


Can I just sit it on a table or shelf, will it do anything if I don't do any healing excercises with it?

ORBIE™ is always working, cleaning up negative energy and emitting healthy, positive Chi for you and your environment. So, yes you can leave it in one spot if you wish. We have found that interaction with it, placing it on the body, rubbing your hands on the teardrop, moving it around,etc. generally will elicit the highest benefits for you.

Do I need to know about energy (Chi) or have a specific belief in order for O.R.B.I.E.™ to work?

No, you don’t need to know anything about energy (Chi) or have any particular belief system in order for O.R.B.I.E.™ to work very effectively and efficiently. Infact, as you have O.R.B.I.E.™ in your life and work with the information provided in the manual, you will quickly become much more sensitive and aware of the importance and impact of “Chi” - Life Force Energy in all areas of your life.


How does O.R.B.I.E.™ continue to work, even when I’m not directly using it?

O.R.B.I.E.™ has multiple, powerful, specifically tuned micro-circuits so that it will always maintain consistant quality of it’s many beneficial effects. How it Works


How do I use the base? and coils?

There are many possibilities - The base can be placed right on the body just as you can with the “teardrop” top. The coils can be held in your hands, placed under your feet, put under bags of groceries, under pitchers of water, etc. and the coils can be tucked into collars and cuffs or waistbands to reach those tricky spots.


Does O.R.B.I.E.™ come with instructions?

Yes, a 30 page manual is provided with each O.R.B.I.E.™ This describes healing techniques and a full streptrum of usages with pictures.

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