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The following stories are testimonials to the many unique and positive ways that - O.R.B.I.E.™ - The Ener-Chi System - impacts people’s lives. This innovative technology is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any illness or disease of any kind.

Our Mission is to assist people to reclaim their personal power -
The O.R.B.I.E.™ Ener-Chi System ...

November 2004

P.K. & B.P. Founders of Peace Child Ireland, Ireland

Perfect timing ... we have been really beavering away. My ORBIE™ was in The Irish House of Parliament yesterday and he had a ball! He was in the Irish President’s house just after he arrived and will attend the presidential innauguration tomorrow. timing hey?
Gracious thanks to you both.

We are learning the down to earth skills of ORBIE™ usage.
Have been playing , enjoying them and heres to you guys

September 2004
K.R. Teacher, New Hampshire

I’ve had ORBIE™ for awhile now and I love it! But I never realized that I could use the base of ORBIE™ the same way I use the top! I had a great revelation the other day.... I came home from work with terrible menstral cramps. I was lying down on the couch, flat on my back, moaning and groaning and the base was on the floor near the sofa - so I grabbed it and plunked it on my stomach. Well, lo and behold those cramp went away so fast I could hardly belief it! And the bottom of the base is flat so it doesn’t roll around - usually I tuck the ORBIE™ top into my waistband for stomach problems. Sometimes I would use the coils -but I never thought to use the actual base!! Very Cool.

October 2005
F.M. Pennsylvania

ORBIE™ Just Recieved -
Well I had quite a day today. Was asked to go into work. Had a very rough time. Felt horrible. Worked 2.5 hours and then had to go see an ayurvedic doc. Finally got home and there was the box containing the ORBIE™ sitting right by the front door. I could not wait to open the box. May I again congratulate you both for your creation. The short of it have developed some kind of wonderful device here....

I took the herbs the doc had sold me and then things started hurting and I started feeling badly and I was holding the ORBIE™ under my rib cage where the pain was. I was thinking.... yes, the ORBIE™ probably will help me out in many ways, but for this situation I gotta go back to my MD guy and spend all the money I have on earth to solve this situation.

Well, then I thought to feel under my rib cage on the right and there was no soreness at all. HUMMMMM. So then the idea came that maybe my liver needs help and not my gall bladder........So I put the body of the ORBIE™ on the ribs above my liver and then the lightning started. The energy started pumping through and I started breathing and burping and things settled down a lot...... for the most part the energy is moving through now....... When I place ORBIE™ on even the smallest spot where the energy is stagnant then ORBIE™ kicks in.

Boy I hope this will do the trick for me. I am going to use ORBIE™ constantly and we will see.

So I have a better idea of what is going on with me now. For me ORBIE™ can also be considered an energy diagnostic tool. In this capacity ORBIE™ could be used by Energy workers and Naturopaths and Massage therapists, especially Polarity therapists and maybe Reiki folks to find energy blockages, stagnant energy areas.

I am finding now that holding ORBIE™ longer over an area does cause more energy flow. Just checking in my friends and will keep you posted. Thanks again for your creation.

(Con’t...... A Week Later......)
About Mr. ORBIE™, I am not sure how ORBIE™ works, but something has happened ... now I am almost as good as new!!!! I worked yesterday and my energy was almost normal. Quite something since just before ORBIE™ arrived I was thinking I was dying and so putting attention on my will!

If I have a chance later I will fill you in on the complete story,
I will be in touch early next week.
You have my love,
F.M. Pennsylvania

October, 2005
M.R. Personal Trainer, Montreal, Canada

OH........Thank you so much for my wonderful new ORBIE™!!!!!! It arrived this morning less than 1/2 hour ago!! It is beautiful! I am marvelling at the craftmanship on how you make it! It is remarkable! I feel a friendship bond with him immediately. It definately has a male influence to it. I do have a busy day, today but he will be with me all day. I feel hot! I feel a rush wave that swept thru me as I opened up the box. I truely am energized.

Thank you for your awesome abilities! I can see how very successful I will be in helping people in my fitness carreer with ORBIE™ next to me! It feels big!!

November 2005
F.S. Reiki /Energy Healer , Arizona

Thank you so much for taking the time to initiate me into ORBIE™ with the meditation. It helped a lot. I have been feeling energy moving. ORBIE™ goes with me almost everywhere - to work, to where I do healing sessions and in the car. ORBIE™ is like my private genie.

When I do remote healings I put the coils on the page with the names and conditions of the people I am working with. Then I put my hands over the coils and project my Reiki symbols to the group.....

August, 2005
I.F. Energy expert, Founder of Spiritual Unfoldment Network, California

I love ORBIE™!  I own many subtle energy devices, and ORBIE™ is one of the best that I’ve ever used. I’ve gotten very positive feedback from my students from all over the world . They are also very happy with their ORBIE™’s.   I continue to use mine on a daily basis.

Thanks for all your support with the ORBIE™. Our students have really loved them.

April, 2005
Aria Magi - Author , Sedona, Arizona

Dear Friends of the Light,
Orbie has been an incredible amplifier of my innermost desires and goals, helping to manifest the changes that were needed for my continued growth and healing.

I expressed my desire to Orbie of realizing my long-cherished dream to write a spiritual children's book. Orbie's gentle persisitence payed off. I have not only self-published my children's book "The Lulilites and the Star of Seven Rays", but have also completed the manuscript for the second book in the series, which will be published sometime this year.

I am thankful to Orbie for never giving up on me or my dream, and for always reminding me that Love is all there really is. In Orbie I found a kindred spirit.

I highly recommend Orbie to anyone who is truly ready to step into their power, and manifest their dreams into reality. Also, my husband Jeff, keeps his ORBIE by his computer - it keeps his energy up and his focus clear for his Architectural Design Business.

One Year Later...
I just received my new ORBIE™, and I'm THRILLED beyond words! Thanks for the special touch of placing my picture in the base. I do feel very positive about ORBIE™, and where it's going! I will look through all the new info. I am very optimistic and hopeful about my complete healing. I sincerely feel that ORBIE™ is definitely a part of my healing.

Guess what!!?? Chi-Chi (my older ORBIE™) now has a new place on the shelf next to my dear sweet lovebird Whirli and his mate Raphael's cage, and the most amazing thing has happened since Chi-Chi has been there! Whirli and Raphie are mating for the first time in years (for Whirli) and I'm sure, much anticipated for Raphie. This is his second partner as the first one died. He is about 13!!!

I definitely attribute this turn of events to ORBIE™ #1!!! Wooo wooo!!
Aria Magi

August, 2005
Jorj Elprehzleinn - Montreal , Canada
Publisher of “Life Transformation Formula “ e-book

Chi Booooommmm!!!
I must tell you that since ORBIE™ arrived it seems there is an explosion of CHI in my apartment. My work feels different and I dare say things are going well in a NEW WAY with work. My sleeping cycles are totally changed.

I moved my living room furniture around and within minutes that room seemed FILLED with chi like never before. (that is the room where I’ve taken ORBIE™ twice now to do my special manifestation experiment........a very detailed and specialized situation I imagined just for this experiment..........could the furniture move be setting the stage.........??)

Overall I would say it is really like a very positive explosion of chi. ORBIE™ is interacting with my many other energy tools I have all over my place............I expect ORBIE™ interacted with their energy fields creating the “CHI BOOM” effect......even with all of these other devises, none of this occurred until ORBIE came into the picture. Last night I took ORBIE™ and intuitively just started rubbing him all sore arms and hands from typing.........circling on the last ten pounds of fat to lose......running along the energy lines in my stressed out head...........a few hours later I felt much more peaceful and calm and full of good chi than I have in quite a while........

It is exciting to think that ORBIE™ will soon have a website where people can buy and learn about how to use him and what he is all about.

August 4, 2005
C. P., Energetic Researcher

Thank you for being CO-creators and friends of the ORBIE™. I've had my ORBIE™ for several years and just know it is a terrific balancer.

Here’s my little story of the delivery room and fantastic birth of my grandson. ORBIE™ sat snugly in my canvas bag out of sight and sending the incredible energy to my daughter. I had it in the delivery room with me when my daughter gave birth naturally. I had a sample of red raspberry extract in the Base chamber of ORBIE™ to send that remedy to stop bleeding or as in this case, prevent it. Worked great. No tearing or bleeding. Was our third experience, but the first with ORBIE™ in attendance.

I do psychotronic energy balancing using a computer and with my hands, or intent. I have a few people I help and myself and family. I can work at great distances. ORBIE™ stays close to me at night and has gone traveling many miles. I can measure the energy before and after any application of the ORBIE™ and it has always had great balancing results.Using ORBIE™ as a broadcasting reagent, the energy measurements are off the charts! I am pleased to have the opportunity to present ORBIE™ to others.

January 16, 2004
D. K. - R.N. Long Island, N.Y.

The Ener-Chi System has helped my mother so much.
Two years ago my mother suffered a massive health crisis. At 76 years of age she was hospitalized - pacemaker etc., she also had a psychotic break. She had been dealing with a great deal of stress and loss in her life for several years and reached a crisis. Her mental/emotional status for the past 2 years was very overwhelmed, negative, literally unable “to pull herself together” mentally , emotionally , or physically. Also, she complained that she hadn’t had a decent nights sleep for two years.

Well, I have happy, exciting news to share with you in reference to the Ener-Chi System.
My Mother started using it on 12-19 -03. Immediately within 24 hours she started to sleep very well and soundly and waking refreshed. Within 72 hours she described to me she “felt she was back together now” and demonstrating with her right & left hands 2 feet apart, “as if this was my body over here and this was my skin (or something ) over here........and they came together”.......then she moved her hands back together. I said - I thought that was wonderful!... and that she will start getting stronger now!

Now her spirit is completely positive for the first time, despite her aches and pains she is “determined” to get going and get herself into the best shape she can. She has started physical therapy 3x a week. This is a complete turn around for her -Now she is determined to be well!

One night I took ORBIE™ to my room for the night. The next morning she complained of having a bad nights sleep again for the first time since using the Ener-Chi System. Of course I told her I had taken it for the night, so now she is convinced it “really does something”! So I am real pleased and so is she!

Thanks for creating The Ener-Chi ORBIE™!
......To continue the evolving episode, unfortunately, after all of this progress, my mother took a very bad fall, and went through some more medical trauma.( long story) This fall had many complications, but one thing was that her right arm was suffering from temporary paralysis. This was lasting quite a long time (several months) with no progress towards movement. When you informed me about how to do the “Great River Healing technique” with the ORBIE™ - I decided to try it on Mom. I followed your instructions and within 15 min. - my mother’s arm started to move! My brother came in just then to witness it!! WOW. She still has much more progress to make, but the Ener-Chi System has been SO important in her recovery. Thanks again!

M. E. - Bodywork Practitioner, International Ballet Teacher, Rosen Method Instructor, San Francisco, CA.
(After nine months of having Orbie)
In my Work -
First - Orbie is always in my office when I am doing bodywork. All clients leave positively and relaxed. And I say this here, because this has not always been the case.

I use the tip of Orbie for loosening tight muscles as an acupuncture instrument, and it really does work. I usually don't like using anything other than my hands because I cannot sense what is going on otherwise. But with Orbie, I know that Orbie's energy is working positively to affect the contacted area.

I have used the coils as well on painful areas on my own body and on some of my clients. I have found relief, and I know that my clients have. They all seem to be happy that the coils are on them - reassured.

Teaching Ballet Classes -
I teach ballet classes and I remember the first class I taught with Orbie in the room, the energy was so high both in me and with the participants, I thought we would all burst out of the room. It was amazing. I don't think the energy has dissipated. I think I have gotten use to it, but it never ceases to be positive. If the energy isn't bursting with positivity, it is for sure deep and clear, with strong positive intent.

Wherever I go -
I have Orbie with me. Sometimes, say if I am going to the bank, and my car is parked very close by, I keep Orbie in the car. But for sure, if the store has a lot of negativity in it, neon lights and no windows etc., I take Orbie in with me. The results are always positive. I can be positive myself in general. Though I work with this in any case, I know Orbie is assisting me.

Orbie as traveling protection -
I have put Orbie in my suitcase on flights since I have had it. This has given me a warm assuring sense that I am safe in flight. I have to say that this is a major breakthrough, because I never have been OK with flying.

Recently at a training, for Rosen Method Bodywork, one of the students asked me what I do to be so positive, and I brought out Orbie. She immediately wanted to know all about Orbie and I told her. I am so intent on being joyful, not for just laughing all the time, but because I firmly believe this is the energy of the universe.

In Russia -
Orbie was always with me, even though at the Bolshoi Theater and lots of other places bags were checked for bombs and Orbie was sort of suspicious to them. I still had to have Orbie with me. Once I was walking back to the hotel and it seemed that two men maneuvered themselves in a way that they were going to mug me. I had heard of this and had been warned, and yup, here it was. I instinctively hugged my bag that had Orbie in it, as one of the men came up to me. Without any rationalizations, this man got real close and then suddenly went off in another direction. I knew this was Orbie. I think these stories may sound a bit too much, but I believe that this is about tuning into a vibration, which Orbie offers, and having it of use for yourself.

This is what Orbie is about for me. I am happy to have Orbie and know that my relationship with Orbie has merely just begun. Thank you for what you have created and are doing. I am blessed and most grateful and happy to be a part of it all.

M. L.- International Photographer, Montreal, Canada

For me, the effects of ORBIE™ have been quite profound.

A little history.... I have been over weight my entire life and I was quite aware that much of this excess weight was due to many layers of emotional “baggage.”(in general, just fear in many disguises) I had tried many times to follow diets, but never got very far and the whole idea of vigorous exercise was entirely out of my realm. (Until ORBIE™ came into my life)(two years now)

However, the “impossible” has happened! A most dramatic event has occurred! I have lost 70 lbs!! A complete physical transformation took place over the last six months. I made the commitment to go to a gym, work with a trainer, do a running program and stay on a proper diet. My trainer is absolutely astonished, he says he’s never seen anything like it..... I look and feel Fabulous!!

Even though, obviously, I had to do the physical work and stick with it, I KNOW that ORBIE helped me clean out all the blocks that were in the way of my happiness. It’s quiet, steady, but relentless energy, kept pushing me toward my desired goals and gave me the physical stamina to actually succeed! I know this because ORBIE™ has also pushed me forward in MANY other areas of my life - personally and professionally. I would recommend to anyone who has been trying to conquer something over many years and hasn’t been able to do it, to get an ORBIE™..... It works!

J.T.K. - Forester, Land Management, New Hampshire
Some striking stories about your Ener-Chi System -

We have a magnificent old oak tree right in front of our house, unfortunately, three main electrical lines converge right at this tree and right near our front bedroom window. We realized that this tree was dying, it was attracting many insect pests and it was becoming defoliated. So, when I received our first ORBIE™, I wrapped it in plastic (to protect it from the weather) and put it out at the base of the tree. The first week, we noticed that all the insects were gone, then in short order, it started to refoliate, it has definitely turned the degenerating trend around to regeneration! It is now a year and a half later and our old tree is beautiful and going strong. I still keep this ORBIE™ outside. It’s great for our gardens, too.

We also realized that those electrical lines were not very good for us either, so we got another ORBIE™ to have for the house. We keep it in the bedroom and it has been wonderful for many different things. We sleep better than before and during my wife’s pregnancy, she used it to soothe back pain and calm nausea. We even took ORBIE™ to the hospital with us for the delivery and everything went amazingly well.

I’m generally quite healthy, so I don’t tend to think about using the Ener-Chi System for aches or pains, but last winter when I got the flu and I missed alot of work,I finally remembered to use The ORBIE™ and it was a life saver! I didn’t want to miss any more work, but I woke up with such terrible cramps I could hardly move. So I put the coils on my stomach and literally in ten minutes the cramps were gone. I got up feeling fine and went to work!

One other thing, the ORBIE™ has made our house FEEL SO GOOD, everyone comments on how wonderful our house feels. Thanks for inventing such a versatile device!

M. N. - Author, Lecturer, N. Carolina
Here’s a little bit of my story -
When the Ener-Chi System arrived in the mail, I was just leaving on a trip to Europe, so I gave the ORBIE™ to my sister to “play” with while I was gone. She had been under the weather the entire winter with pain from an old injury and no energy, very drained. Well, upon my returning from Europe a month later...I noticed she was full of life! She had experienced a real healing. She said that after the whole winter of suffering, within two days of having ORBIE™ by her side, the pain was gone and she finally had energy! When I asked for “my little machine” back, she said, she didn’t want to give it up! So we ordered another one.

The first day I used The Ener-Chi System, I had an astonishingly clear time working at the computer on my book. Since then, I’ve taken it on the road with me and pass it around in my classes (everyone gets 10 minutes to hold it). People really seem to be able to feel what it is doing. I find that it definitely makes a difference in keeping the group energy in balance, it gets everyone on the same page. I travel a lot, and ORBIE™ makes the traveling much easier and I feel safe. But I like it best next to my computer - keeps the vibes just right!
Keep creating the best!

A H - Health Insurance Advisor, Vermont
Thank you so very much for the information about the “Great River Healing” technique using ORBIE™. It has been a great help with my four year old daughter’s ear infection problems. I have really noticed that her hearing has improved.

I have to tell you that she is absolutely in love with ORBIE™. When I first used ORBIE™ with her, I explained that he takes in all the bad and releases it in “Neverland” where it cannot come back again. I did this while I was using your healing technique on her.

She puts ORBIE™ in her bed and talks to him before falling asleep - she now sleeps very well. She says that ORBIE™ takes away her bad dreams and keeps away the monsters.

L. D. - Shiatsu Practitioner, Pennsylvania

I always take my ORBIE™ with me for my work. I depend on the energy it provides for me and my clients. I wouldn’t be without it. Being very psychic and energy sensitive, I can see and feel the ORBIE™’s energy working. One big thing I discovered, is that if I have ORBIE™ in my bed with me, I always sleep better.

I bought several ORBIES™ as gifts for my family, here are some interesting stories from them. I gave my little six year old nephew one of your Ener-Chi ORBIES™ for his birthday, because he has always LOVED playing with my mother’s ORBIE™. His house has always been messy and they’ve always had difficulty keeping up with things. But ever since they have had the ORBIE™ in their house, the family has begun to completely make the house over. They just stained the hard wood floors and are redoing the entire kitchen and painting the walls. My brother-in-law also used to have a lot of issues with weight and ever since he has had the ORBIE™ in the house, he has lost 20 pounds. The house has a completely different feel to it and it is definitely not a coincidence that all of these things are suddenly happening after the ORBIE™ arrived!. (They’ve only had it for a couple of months) I thought this might make you happy to know that the ORBIE™ helped them to completely change everything. It also took away my nephew’s night terrors - which is why we gave him Orbie in the first place.

My mom was given a grant of about 20,000. dollars to fix up her historic house. Only two grants are given out a year. I totally credit that to the ORBIE™. She doesn't have work, but her house is getting what it wants! I guess the ORBIE™ demands a bit of style!

My brother David also has your Ener-Chi ORBIE™. You need to know, he’s the “workaholic” in the family. Well, he has actually taken off work, on a sabbatical for two months, to write a children's book. Its very unusual for him to do that. I attribute that to the ORBIE™ as well. He never did that before in his life.

I really don’t know “HOW” ORBIE™ does what it does, but it DOES WORK!!
Thanks for helping my whole family - so I can relax and know everything is fine.

P. T. - Retired, Georgia
Just want to say thank-you for your Ener-Chi System. My husband holds the coils in the morning and it keeps his arthritis from hurting all day.

It also really helps my acid stomach, it calms my indigestion down very fast. I’ve had alot of trouble with that, and your system has made a big difference. Thanks again.

CK. - Homemaker, Dallas, Texas
My old retriever has been having a hard time, he is blind now, and slow to get around. Goodness gracious, I put the teardrop from the Orbie under his pillow, he’s been sleeping on it for about a week now. He may still be blind, but he’s acting like a little puppy!! He has so much more energy and looks so happy. This makes my heart feel good. Gopher has been with me for 15 yrs. Looks like he’ll make it a little longer and be alot happier.

I also have a cockateel who hates it when new things come into the house. She usually attacks packages that I get in the mail and squawks like crazy. Well, when the Orbie came in the mail, she started cooing and wrapped herself around the box! Animals don’t lie - She knows it a good thing.

Orbie seems to work wonders for animals - and so easy.
For me, I also have much more pep and I’m sleeping better. Thanks from all of us.

Below is a wonderful letter we received from a 15 year old young lady.
She refers to Orbie as her Chi Ball.
Enjoy the spontaneity!

What the Chi Ball has done for me-
By: S. P.

I first received the Chi Ball about two years ago I was a bit hesitant to believing that it would fix all of my problems, but I was soon proven wrong. The first time I held the Chi Ball I could feel it instantly start to work. At first I felt the warmness coming from it, and then I got a headache that I usually get from listening to light body. I had many issues with sleep so I decided to put it in my bed at night. After just one week of using it all of my waking up in the middle of the night went away. I also had nightmares almost every night but every time I sleep with the Chi Ball next to or in my bed I don’t get them. Another thing the Chi Ball helped me with was I used to always feel tired, but as soon as I started to have it around me all the time I felt like I had much more energy to do things.

The Chi Ball also works on muscle aches much quicker than taking a Tylenol or using a heating pad. So it is good that I have it because I am taking a lot less medicine. I using just take a few Rolaids when I get heartburn which is sometimes once or twice a day but now I just hold the Chi Ball up to my neck and it goes away. I usually get a lot of neck pain and health problems having to do with my neck, but the Chi Ball helps to keep them from getting worse. I always had itchy eyes because of my dogs and bunny rabbits but now my eyes are never a problem. I have a problem with my tonsils being bigger than they should be I use the Chi Ball on it at night and the problem has never gotten worse. Another thing that I have noticed since I got the Chi Ball is that I never get sick anymore. I used to get colds and get sore throats but I have not been sick in well over a year. About a year ago I was snow boarding and fell down a few times and broke my tail bone. Ever since then I have always had a hard time doing certain exercises, like crunches. But before and after I do them I just use the Chi Ball and I never have any pain. When ever I used to go swimming I would stretch out my abs muscles which would later make them go into painful spasms. So to get rid of them and to keep them from happening I just hold the Chi Ball over my stomach and they go away quickly and have stopped happening all together. I also think that the Chi Ball helped me to get rid of any bad entities on my aura.

The Chi Ball has not just helped me but it has also helped my house I used not enjoy being in my room until I got my Chi Ball. It used to feel creepy and uncomfortable but now it feels cozy. I also think it made me feel safer in my room because I used to feel scared before I fell asleep. But now it feels safer and I can be in my room all the time. The Chi Ball has also helped the overall feeling in my house because my sister’s room used to be very creepy but as soon as my mom bought her a Chi Ball it stopped being so creepy. My house also feels much nicer then any one else’s house that I have ever been in.

I figured out that the Chi Ball has a strange curiosity to it that other people can not help but forget about their skepticism, and believe what they feel about it. I have never showed it to someone who did not say that it had a weird warm tingly feeling to it. One of my friends was playing with it for a while and then told me that later that night she slept better than she ever did.

I usually like to have the Chi Ball around me all of the time, because I think it makes me be in a good mood all the time. Like if I am trying to be really positive so that I do not get frustrated when I am skateboarding. I just sit it down near me and then I am calmer and less likely to get injured. I really think that the reason why I have never been seriously injured while skateboarding is because of the Chi Ball. I think that it keeps me more aligned with source so that I do not manifest an injury. It also helps me to concentrate much better while I am skateboarding. If I was skateboarding with out the Chi Ball I think that I would have gotten really hurt by now, when I have only ever been a little scraped up.

I also like to use the Chi Ball on my dogs because I think that if it can do all that for a human then it would work for an animal too. I give one to both of my dogs every time it rains. Because it scares them when it rains and I think that if they have it then it relaxes them. I also massage my dog’s legs with it because he is older and has joint pain. Usually when I use it on him he walks much better than he did without it. I also use it on him so that he stays healthy and lives longer. When I had mice I used to put my Chi Ball right next to their cage to make them happy. And even though one of my mice had disabilities, like being blind, they all still lived much longer than any mouse should live.

I also use the Chi Ball to help me do homework. When I am sitting down reading or doing homework I sit it next to me. I think that the Chi Ball helps me to do my homework better because it helps me to focus and concentrate harder. I used to read and then sort of forget what I had just read but now I can read faster and I can retain all of the information that I just read. One time I took the coils from underneath of the Chi Ball and put them on a paper that I wrote, and I received complements about it being one of the best and fanciest reports my teacher ever read.

I wanted to have other ways to use the Chi Ball that would make it easier. I wanted to be able to have the Chi Ball near me all of the time. But it is sharp and hard so sleeping with it can be unpleasant. So I ripped the back of a teddy bear open and sewed in a lining then Velcro, and put the Chi Ball inside of it. That way I can put it on my couch and not worry about it getting lost in the cushions or in my sheets. And it is soft so I will not get scratched by it. I also think that it would be a good idea to make a smaller sized Chi Ball that people can put in their car.

I use the in many different ways another is that I use the Chi Ball to charge my creation box. Before I ever used the Chi Ball in my creation box only some of the things I wanted happened. But now every thing that I want happens. So I have three Chi Balls charging my creation box now. I also use them to charge up things that I write down I want like lists of things I want to buy. I think that the Chi Ball helps to speed up the process. One time I even used the Chi Ball to help me win a plasma TV. Even though I did not win the TV I did win the next prize down which was a CD.

I also use the Chi Ball to help me meditate. I think that using the Chi Ball helps me meditate much more effectively then without it. I usually like to use the Chi Ball to help me relax if I am stressed out. And to help me calm down before I go to sleep then sleep better when I am asleep. The Chi Ball has helped me with so much more then I ever knew I needed help with. I would never want to be without a Chi Ball because of all the things that it has done for me.

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