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Most people will receive the greatest benefits from O.R.B.I.E.™ by remembering to ACTIVELY use O.R.B.I.E.™ for EVERYTHING!!

O.R.B.I.E.™ creates a limitless pump of healthy Chi which can make a huge difference in your everyday life. By actively utilizing the many simple suggestions and specific healing techniques, your positive results will be abundant and immediate.

Put the coils under your feet and hold the teardrop to your navel for five minutes. Start massaging your abdomen, your arms, legs, sholders with the ball end of the teardrop module. This “flushes” your whole system with fresh Chi, cleaning out any stuck energies from the days interactions. Better yet, have a friend or spouse massage your back, legs and arms. Take turns giving each other massages with O.R.B.I.E.™ - They feel great!

Tuck the teardrop module into your waistband, or place the coils where needed, for stomach/abdomen/ intestinal discomforts while you are sitting in your favorite chair, taking a nap, driving in the car or at night while sleeping. It relieves gas pains, heartburn, acid stomach, indigestion, nausea, bloating,etc. very quickly. Over time, it has been noted that it heals and strengthens longer term intestinal/colon difficulties as well. Keep O.R.B.I.E.™ handy by your chair or bed for these issues. Healthy Chi can change even long term problems. REMEMBER to USE O.R.B.I.E.™!!

The teardrop module or the coils are great for short term and long term relief of these stuations. Again, tuck the coils or the teardrop into the appropriate spot while you are in a stationary position to allow the soothing effect of O.R.B.I.E.™ to take place.

The teardrop module can easily be propped with pillows to place the ball end next to the painful spot whether it is up against your back or tucked in the back of knee joints, elbows, etc. For the top of the knees, the flat bottom of the “base” stays put while you sit. (Remember, all parts of the O.R.B.I.E.™ pump Chi - the base is an active component, not just a stand for the teardrop top.)

For muscle cramps, the tip of O.R.B.I.E.™ can be used to loosen the area, and the sides can either smoothly massage the area or be bounced on the muscles to relieve the strain. This tapping or bouncing can be done on the bottoms of the feet to effect many areas of the body.

Lie back and put the coils directly on your closed eyelids or forehead while holding the teardrop at your navel. This is a good alternative to taking pain relievers.

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THE GREAT RIVER HEALING - opens up the whole energetic field, fills the field with fresh Chi, cleans out stagnant areas and pulls the central energy channels in the regenerative cycle. Very beneficial to do for overall health and important to do before beginning other specific healing work.

SPRING THAW EXERCISE - This exercise is very simple, but very effective for emotional and mental healing. It guides you through the different organs in your body which store the emotions, using the powerful cleansing Chi from O.R.B.I.E. and visualizations to heal and clear the issues.

Utilizing the meridian capacities of the hands and fingers we literally do a major tune up for the whole body in less than 10 min. Each finger of each hand is connected to all the organs and energy channels in the entire body, so this is a very efficient exercise.

Sit quietly, breathing easily while holding the ORBIE hand module to your navel for a minimum of 3 to 5 minutes. Holding the ORBIE in your right hand, place the point of ORBIE against the pinky finger of your left hand. Hold the point there while feeling the energy flow for a slow count from 1 to 9 Now do this for the rest of the fingers and the thumb. Finish by holding the point to the center of the palm for a slow count from 1 to 9 Switch hands, and repeat from pinky through thumb ending with the palm.

End your session by holding O.R.B.I.E.™ again in both hands against your navel while feeling the fresh, strong, uplifting, refreshing recharge that is ocurring for 3 to 5 minutes.  You can take as little or as much time to perform this process as you like.  It always clears energetic blockages, re-balances the yin-yang and recharges the channels. Doing this little exercise just once a day is a very powerful and effective way to really feel good quickly and easily.

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Since the Ener-Chi System is always working and always active itself, the easiest way to use it, is to place it anywhere in your environment and it will automatically begin to clear and balance that particular area - every one and everything in it.

       Place your O.R.B.I.E.™ -

By your computer - protect yourself from EM fields - prevent fatigue, eyestrain, help concentration and mental focus.

By your bed - helps keep a balanced, calm energy around you for better sleep, is known to stop the tendency for nightmares, bad dreams etc. Have it handy for middle of the night discomforts, ie, indigestion, heartburn, cramps, pain, etc.

In the kitchen - Put the coils under pitchers of juice/water or under platters of food to clear away any harmful residues and charge the food/water with vital force. Give your family food infused with CHI. Also is helpful to counteract microwave frequencies.

In the car - Take O.R.B.I.E.™ with you to stay alert on the road, take your own healthy environment with you. You can even take it with you in its own travel bag - into places that may have stressful or less than positive energy. (People often comment that it makes them feel safer)

Near plants and pets - Help revive older pets, give them more energy, keep them more comfortable, prolong their life span. The healing techniques (described in the instructions) work as well for pets as they do for people. Plants definitely grow faster and better with abundant healthy Chi. Of course, O.R.B.I.E.™ is very appropriate for Greenhouse operations and Garden Centers.
In your children’s room - Keep your child healthy and happy. Have it available for all manner of physical and emotional needs. Keep it by their bedside to help them feel safe and rest well - it helps prevent bad dreams.
For school children and teenagers - The O.R.B.I.E.™ helps kids study better and definitely helps with confidence, positive attitude, balanced energy level and general assistance with self esteem and empowerment.
Workplace - Neutralize stressors in the work environment, keep energy up for best productivity and positive attitude. Just keeping it in its carry bag near you, will benefit everyone in the area!

O.R.B.I.E.™ - A real and powerful friend for life......feel the difference!

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O.R.B.I.E.™ greatly enhances all energy cultivation and healing practices!! Infuse your body with activated Chi through the O.R.B.I.E.™ exercises before you begin, as well as having O.R.B.I.E.™ set up in the room to accelerate and amplify whatever you are doing ...

Reiki ... Massage ... Accupucture ... Chiropractic work ... Foot Reflexology ... Energy Healing ... Body Work ... Huna ... Hands on Healing of all kinds, you name it, O.R.B.I.E.™ will help!

The effectiveness of Treatments, are tangibly augmented and can be accomplished with less effort just by having the Ener-Chi System in the treatment room. The healing methods and techniques presented in the O.R.B.I.E.™ manual can easily be incorporated with other practices as well. By fully utilizing the O.R.B.I.E.™ system or just having it set up in your space, at the end of the day, the practitioner is energized rather than depleted and clients report feeling the difference.

Feng Shui - O.R.B.I.E.™ is an amazing Feng Shui tool - an excellent environmental balancer and powerful space clearing device.
Use the laser like tip of the teardrop Orb to “cut” open stagnant standing energies, use the bottom of the ball area to gather and pull out the stuck energy, then use the side of the teardrop to infuse or “scoop” in fresh Chi. This can be done to very effectively clear the environments for your clients and yourself. Clients may want to have an O.R.B.I.E.™ of their own to continue to keep their space clear. (Many practitioners keep several O.R.B.I.E.™’s available to provide for the needs of their clients)

Chi Kung (Qigong)...Tai Chi...Yoga...Meditation - Accelerate, amplify, focus and deepen the entire experience for yourself and your students.

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Health Practices /Clinics/ Treatment facilities/ Counseling Centers -
Special Note:

Places that work with sick energy all the time, such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, mental health facilities, etc. can significantly benefit from O.R.B.I.E.™’s ability to transmute unhealthy situations into healthy ones. Having several O.R.B.I.E.™’s in these facilities is recommended, to keep the environment clear, the workers strong, and the patients more comfortable and able to heal faster. Everyone involved will benefit greatly. The use of multiple Ener-Chi Systems, placed in strategic locations, will produce a quantum transformation in the ambient field and the personal interactions quickly take on a much uplifted, positive ‘can do’ attitude. It is very easy for the staff to learn and utilize the “active” techniques provided in the comprehensive information manual that comes with each unit. O.R.B.I.E.™’s unique futuristic design evokes very receptive responses.

Businesses/ Factories/ Retail Shops/ Office Complexes -
An abundance of vital healthy Chi draws people to your place of business, keeps the employees healthy and more productive and keeps away negative, stressful energies. Every aspect of business, from production to sales can benefit from the uplifting vitality of O.R.B.I.E.™’s energy.

Classroom teachers/ Public Speakers/ Workshop facilitators -
Report that just having O.R.B.I.E.™ set up in the room with a large group of people can significantly enhance clear communication, keep the energies more synchronized, harmonious and uplifted. In short, it will support successful outcomes. The Ener-Chi System will keep you energized throughout your event. It has especially been noted that O.R.B.I.E.™ relieves stress, fatigue and exhaution for those who travel alot. The strong protective bubble that O.R.B.I.E.™ produces, literally creates a strong sense of safety, confidence and inspiration which is so needed by people on the move.
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Fitness Centers/ Spas/ Weight loss programs/Athletic programs -
O.R.B.I.E.™ keeps the energy high, with plenty of energy available for high performance and follow through. Have clients/athletes work with the “active” exercises to enhance their skill, stamina and performance.

Greenhouses/ Nurseries/ Garden Centers/ Pet Stores/Veterinarians -
All living things thrive on the healthy Chi that O.R.B.I.E.™ creates. Strong healthy plants, living in a clear and robust environment are less susceptible to disease and insect problems. Animals are much healthier and happier with the powerful, loving presense of O.R.B.I.E.™ in their home.
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Experience the O.R.B.I.E.™ difference in all the areas of your life...!!!

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